Welcome to Portal Capital, LLC

Portal Capital, LLC is an experienced investment firm based in Tualatin, Oregon. Founded by Robert D. Mitchell in 2006, Portal Capital serves as the General Partner to the Green Energy Metals Fund, LP and Odysseus Fund, LP, with expertise in both commodity and equity asset management. With decades of financial market experience, the management team of Portal Capital seeks to generate superior, risk-adjusted returns for its Limited Partners, employing a bottoms-up thematic approach with a heavy emphasis to catalyst driven investment opportunities. Portal Capital has earned the trust and respect of industry peers and has developed a vast network of contacts that provides both meaningful insight and an informational edge. To learn more about the two unique investment strategies managed by Portal Capital, please visit the Investment Strategy Tab for information on the Green Energy Metals Fund, LP and Odysseus Fund, LP. Accredited investors are encouraged to call or email to request more details.