Green Energy Metals Fund, LP

The Green Energy Metals Fund, LP invests the vast majority of its capital in physical off-exchange traded minor metals that are crucial to the production and sustainability of clean energy, emerging technology and energy efficiency. The remainder of the Fund is comprised of a long/short equity portfolio leveraging Portal Capital's unparalleled network of industry contacts, trading experience, and expertise investing in off-exchange traded minor metals. Equity investments long and short are thematic and benefits from Portal Capital's insight in trends and technologies that support more efficient consumption and cleaner energy production.

The Green Energy Metals Fund, LP seeks out-sized gains by taking positions in the physical metals where demand is increasing in the face of diminishing and/or constrained supply. The relative absence of investors and sell-side research in these metals allows for profitable purchases and sales capitalizing on market inefficiencies, correlated to very little in the investment world.

Green Energy Metals Fund, LP is Co-managed by Robert Mitchell and Justin Kurland. Mr. Mitchell founded Portal Capital in 2006, and was the first institutional investor in physical uranium in 2004, managing the Adit Fund to over an unlevered 5X return net of fees, before closing it and returning investor capital in June 2007. Mr. Mitchell is an experienced investor with global connections and expertise in esoteric markets and is complemented by Mr. Kurland's 15 years in the industry, network of contacts, idea generation and proficiency trading global equity markets.